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Coping 101

Oct 31, 2022

"A good family is like potting soil, letting a group of people flourish together." Dr. Larry Wissow, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychology at Seattle Children's, joins our student host as we take a closer look at Positive Family Connections in this episode of Coping 101. Listen and learn as they explore the evolving definition of Family and the gender roles within, intergenerational trauma across different communities, how addiction can impact individuals and their families, and the vital importance of easy, frequent conversation.
Presented by C89.5 in partnership with Seattle Children's, Coping 101 is an ongoing series led by students in Nathan Hale High School's Radio class that destigmatizes mental health from a teen's perspective, made possible with support from Crisis Connections, Carter Subaru, Hansmire Builders and Audian.
No matter our age or background we all face challenges, and there are healthy ways to cope. Get started with more episodes, and find resources to help you improve your family connections, online at